Missouri Broadband Resource Rail

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The Missouri Broadband Resource Rail, or mobroadband.org, is a collaborative project between CARES, the University of Missouri Broadband Initiative, and Extension. The Hub aims to provide communities across Missouri with data, tools, and the critical research and planning support they need to expand broadband to rural and underserved areas.

CARES is excited to announce the launch of the Resource Rail Speed Test. This Speed Test is a quick two-minute data collection activity. Anyone with an internet connection can participate in the Speed Test and the more responses we get, the better the data will be.

What are we doing with the data, you ask?

We plan to give it back to you. Communities who lack broadband infrastructure have to prove it in order to compete for local, state, and federal dollars. This Speed Test will collect connectivity information from each test, aggregate and normalize the data, and provide the results to communities, counties, and regions as maps.