Bring Data to Your Team with a Hub

Hubs are data-sharing, assessment, and mapping websites for organizations.

CARES Hubs provide helpful, up-to-date, and reliable access to data that support decision-making. Organizations like healthcare systems, government agencies, and nonprofits use Hubs to assist staff with data collection, grant management, project management, assessments, planning, prioritization, and evaluation.

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Zip-code level health rankings, behaviors and outcomes for communities across Tennessee.

Community Connect

Community Connect

A portal for collecting and highlighting engagements across the four-campus University of Missouri system

A graphic showing data visualization elements available in All Things Nebraska.

All Things Nebraska

A statewide data hub that provides Extension staff and communities with data, insights, and resources.

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Widgets can be integrated or embedded into an already existing website or data portal. Widgets store data, operate map rooms, and populate visualizations. Let us show you what seamless integration looks like!

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Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center

Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center