Recovery Friendly Workplaces

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The Missouri Recovery Friendly Workplaces Hub provides resources to employers on how to become a recovery friendly workplace. Recovery Friendly Workplaces promote employee safety, health, and well-being by reducing stigma and providing recovery resources related to the challenges surrounding substance use disorders.

CARES COVID-19 Dashboards

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CARES hosts a suite of COVID-19 data dashboards at the national, state, and local levels. The city and county dashboards are the result of a partnership between CARES and local public health departments to streamline and make data publicly available.

Police Stop Disparities Report

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This report examines racial disparity in Columbia (MO) Police Department traffic stops across varying levels of geography, age and sex, the reasons for initiating post-stop searches, post-search outcomes, and factors that predict the likelihood that a stopped driver is Black. Disparity, discrimination, and racial bias in policing have been historically, and continue to be, an important policy issue.

University of Missouri System Broadband Initiative

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The goal of the project is to encourage sustianable build-out of reliable high-speed internet (broadband) infrastructure and use of broadband-based applications to improve the lives of all Missourians. CARES maintains and curates the Missouri Broadband Resource Rail and supports Initiative projects through data collection, analysis, mapping, and the creation of story maps for projects in designated communities.

United Way of Greater St. Louis Regional Needs Report

| 0 is an interactive Community Needs Assessment sponsored by the United Way of Greater St. Louis. The CNA spans 16 counties across two states (Illinois and Missouri). The CNA serves the St. Louis community as a foundation to better understand what challenges people in the region are facing. The report also highlights the most common needs across the Greater St. Louis region.

Missouri Vocational Rehabilitation Portal

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The Vocational Rehabilitation Hub facilitates the recordkeeping of Pre-Employment Transition services provided by trained educational specialists throughout the state of Missouri. Services fall into one of the following categories: Job Exploration, Work-based Learning, Post-secondary Counseling, Workplace Readiness and Self Advocacy. Using the Hub, Specialists record service(s) provided to individual students on a daily basis. Services are aggregated and sent to the state Vocational Rehabilitation office every month to support their federal reporting mandate.