Correction made to United States value for High School Graduation Rate.

An error was identified in the query used to generate the figure for national high school graduation rates. For this dataset, the national figure is generated by summing the county-level components within the original dataset. Some of the underlying geographies with No Data were being added improperly to the national totals. The issue has been corrected. This error also affected the state level values for the following states:
Arizona: 109.2 to 84.8
Georgia: 89.0 to 81.5
Massachusetts: 103.9 to 86.1
Mississippi: 106.4 to 75.7
Montana: -0.40 to 87.3
Nevada: 106.7 to 73.1
New Jersey: 101.7 to 88.5
New York: 139.1 to 85.4
North Dakota: -243.8 to 84.8
South Carolina: 144.6 to 84.1
Tennessee: 109.7 to 90.6
Vermont: -7.0 to 86.7
Virginia: 185.2 to 85.8