CARES COVID-19 Dashboards

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CARES hosts a suite of COVID-19 data dashboards at the national, state, and local levels. The city and county dashboards are the result of a partnership between CARES and local public health departments to streamline and make data publicly available.

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Coalition Against Trafficking & Exploitation

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CARES partnered with the Coalition Against Trafficking and Exploitation (CATE) to develop an interactive and dynamic resource map. The resource map is embedded on the CATE website and updated annually with new information.

Salud America Report Card

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The Salud America! Health Equity Report Card, powered by CARES, provides information on how your county is doing on a variety of health-related conditions compared to the rest of your state and nation. The data show how your area stacks up in housing, transportation, poverty, healthcare, mental health, environmental issues, and access to healthy food and active spaces.

Missouri Foundation for Health

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The Missouri Foundation for Health (MFH) Resource Data Tool is a targeted online assessment and data exploration tool. This tool is restricted for use by staff at the Missouri Foundation for Health.

Environments Supporting Healthy Eating (ESHE)

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The ESHE Index was developed in partnership with the Council on Black Health in 2015. The index ranked counties across the United States on factors related to healthy eating. The goal of ESHE Index was to stimulate changes in food and food policy landscapes that can facilitate high dietary quality. The ESHE index was discontinued in 2021.

Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center Data Hub

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In 2018, the Georgia Rural Health Innovation Center and Mercer University partnered with CARES to provide the state of Georgia and its public health entities with a custom community health needs assessment (CHNA), Map Room, and a Health Asset Finder. These tools were all launched as widgets, or embeddable tools, and can be found on at

Show Me Food

| 0 facilitates the sharing of information for and about farmers and local food providers in the state of Missouri. Food-related businesses in Missouri can register and be placed on the map. Businesses can promote specific products, purchasing options, days of operation, and accepted payment types as part of their profile. was launched in response to the effects that COVID-19 caused to state, local, and national food supply chains and distribution systems. ShowMeFood is currently under construction.