Smoking Products and Supplies, Expenditures by County and Tract, 2020

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This layer displays information about estimated household expenditures for tobacco products and supplies (cigarettes, other tobacco products, and marijuana and smoking accessories). Data are presented as a national or within-state rank, and represent expenditures as a percentage of total household expenditures.

Tobacco Product Compliance Check Violations Involving Minors

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This layer displays information obtained from analysis of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Compliance Check Inspections of Tobacco Product Retailers database. This database contains address-level records for each retailer inspection – including decision date, violation type, and tobacco product type – dating back to 2011. These address-level records are geocoded and aggregated to the county level for multi-year periods* based on the inspection result decision date. Percentages are calculated by dividing the number of inspections with violations (any or minor-related) by the total number inspections in a given area and reporting period.

Note: Multi-year periods are used to enable stable comparisons over time, as some counties have no inspections during a single reporting year.

500 Cities Project Data by City and Census Tract, 2016

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Map data topics include preventative health, risk behaviors, and clinical care. Estimates from the 500 Cities Project are available at the state, city, and census tract level. Data representing year 2016 were released in December, 2018. For more map layers from this series, search the Map Room for the terms 500 Cities.