Boone County Food Insecurity

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Boone County Food Coalition brings together local stakeholders to address food insecurity in the Boone County area. CARES provided data acquisition and mapping services to the Coalition.

Police Stop Disparities Report

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This report examines racial disparity in Columbia (MO) Police Department traffic stops across age, sex, varying levels of geography, reasons for initiating post-stop searches, post-search outcomes, and factors that predict the likelihood that a stopped driver is Black. Disparity, discrimination, and racial bias in policing have been historically, and continue to be, an important policy issue.

United Way of Greater St. Louis Regional Needs Report

| 0 is an interactive Community Needs Assessment sponsored by the United Way of Greater St. Louis. The CNA spans 16 counties across two states (Illinois and Missouri). The CNA serves the St. Louis community as a foundation to better understand what challenges people in the region are facing. The report also highlights the most common needs across the Greater St. Louis region.


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RocHealthData is a collaborative data-sharing Hub focused on serving the greater Rochester region in New York. Powered by local partners and the University of Rochester, RocHealthData is collecting and sharing local data internally through the Hub, and externally with public stories and maps.

Lehigh Valley Community Hub

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The Lehigh Valley Community Hub has been a CARES partner for 10+ years. The Lehigh Valley Hub supports leaders working toward community change with a focus on cross-sector data-driven collaboration. The intent of the Hub is to encourage the sharing of data and the use of data to effect change throughout the lifespan of an initiative.